Fourteen-year-old charged for the murder of Zarious Fair

A 14-year-old boy is facing two counts of first degree murder and one count of unlawful possession of a gun. The prosecutor’s office alleges he shot and killed 16-year-old Zarious Fair on June 12.

During today’s arraignment nearly half a dozen of Fair’s family walked out of court, saying they could not hear the judge. Before the suspect was arraigned, several other cases were heard. The judge spoke in full voice most of the time.

When the young murder suspect was read his charges, Judge Katherine Gorman spoke at a much lower volume. At one point, a family member of the victim said “we cannot hear you.”

After the arraignment, the head of security stepped out of the courtroom to speak with the Fair family. She relayed what the judge had said. Keesha Fair, Zarious’ aunt, call it disrespectful, saying she could not even hear who was being charged.

The whole purpose of today’s arraignment was to determine if the 14-year-old would plead guilty or not guilty. And we could not hear that interaction ourselves. In fact, the court clerk told me this afternoon, it was not clear even in the computer record.

But, because the juvenile has another court date set for October 10th, a scheduling conference, and a trial set for October 21st, it appeared he plead not guilty. Judge Gorman had not yet responded to our request for comment at the time this article was published.

This story has been updated to show that it was the head of security at the court who updated the Fair family and not the court reporter.

This story originally included the 14-year-old suspect’s name, but his case was moved back to juvenile court in September 2019. As a result, we have removed his name from this article.

Andy Weber

Andy Weber

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