Biehl’s Cleaners closes the door

The employees of Biehl’s Dry Cleaning will be clocking out for the last time on Friday.

The decades-old business will be closing its doors for good.

This business is more than irons, thread, and fabrics.

Biehl’s employees say it’s a second home.

Biehl’s cleaners opened in the 1920s.

30-years later Jeff Stone’s family took over.

“It’s been in the family for 63 years. We’ve had a lot of really great customers that we’ve taken care of and they’ve taken care of us,” said Stone.

Now the family business is closing.

Stone told us times change and so do styles.

“The casual look has really hurt us. Years ago people got dressed up more,” said Stone.

Stone adds most of today’s fabrics are built to last in a home washing machine.

Most of the employees at Biehl’s have been working there for decades and have a lot of stories to look back on.

“Reminiscing about a lot of stories, the great bosses that we have, the jokes we were able to play on each other and still get our work done. It’s bittersweet,” said Diane Ward, who has been working there for 29-years.

“You no longer have that get up and come to work. You’re going to miss that. It’ll be an emotional experience cause a lot of the people that I work with have become very close friends, we’re like family.,” said Louise Hill who has been working there for 39-years.

During the interviews, the work-family everyone talked about seemed to ring true.

The bosses raved about the employees and the employees did the same back.

The drop off locations won’t be taking new orders.

They will be staying open for a week for pickups.

The main Biehl’s plant will still be accepting commercial work and large house items such as drapes, blinds, and bedspreads.

Alex Menke

Alex Menke

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