J.A.M. Screenprinting sets up line to help the homeless

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One for Me, One for two.

J.A.M. Screenprinting and Embroidery has launched a new line where each purchase is matched and given to someone in need.

It’s a simple set that makes a big impact throughout the community.

You purchase the t-shirt or sweatshirt with the logo in any color.

A homeless person in our area will receive the same one.

“If you get a forest green hoodie and then see a forest green hoodie in the community, chances are they bought and provided that hoodie to that needy person. So it’s going to be something where you’re going to be able to see the end result within the community,” said owner A.J. Marsh.

Marsh is hoping the new line will inspire more people to help out.

“With today’s modern world being more point and click and people wanting the instant gratification of knowing they’re helping and they’re doing something. Ya know, you might not have to devote a whole Sunday to go in and help and do something but you know you’re doing something good within your local community,” said Marsh.

To check out the line or order an item click here.

Alex Menke

Alex Menke

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