You Gotta Eat: Anju Above

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Time to bring your appetite to the table.

In this week’s You Gotta Eat, morning anchor Semone Doughton take us to Bloomington for a dining experience that ranges from sushi rolls to fried chicken wings.

I knew when i drove up to 220 East Front Street in Bloomington that I would experience a taste of history.

Operating out of the original Central Station Fire Plaza built in 1902, this building was converted into a dinner theatre restaurant in 1978 where it flourished for 30-years, but it wasn’t until 2010 when Ken Myszka and his team bought the building four years later that it turned into what you see today.

Ken is the owner and director of operations for the Epiphany Farms Hospitality Group, which is made up of the Epiphany Farm Restaurant, Anju Above, The Bakery and Pickle in Leroy, Illinois and the Old Bank.

“I like to think that we are managing the four best dining rooms in central Illinois. One of those restaurants is Anju Above…Anju, which means “bar snacks” in Korean,” said Myszka.

It’s a speakeasy type of establishment with what is described on their website as a Chic, upbeat tapas joint offering farm-to-table pizza, sushi, Korean pork buns & more.

But to get to Anju Above, you gotta walk up the stairs from inside the Epiphany Farm Restaurant.

When entering the doors, I was not only amazed with the look of the place but the food was absolutely delightful. I had everything from sushi, to chicken wings to their silken tofu doughnuts, and pizza.

Any of the pizzas, they have some of the best chicken wings I ever had. Their Korean barbeque sauce is amazing. We have it for sale and bottled. We have a really amazing romin, and the dumplings and the steam buns that are the number one and number two sellers.

If that’s not enough for you to walk through the doors, the fact that the majority of the meat and produce served at their restaurants are grown at Epiphany Farms might sell you.

“We produce all of the eggs, the vast majority of the vegetables a lot of the fruit,” said Myszka.

The farms are located in the Bloomington-Normal area with eight full time farmers managing 100 acres of organic land. And it’s that freshness that keeps the customers coming back for their favorite dishes.

“Well. I had the fishbowl today. It was really good, but i liked the sushi rolls and the tofu donuts,” said returning customer Lisa Shewmon.

Even though the owner gave me a taste of just about everything on the menu, my tab was 36 bucks.

So whether it’s the fine staff, the great food or the relaxing atmosphere, Anju Above” offers its customers, it’s definitely a place you will get all the bang for your bucks!

Tim Shelley

Tim Shelley

Social Media & Digital Content Manager
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