Channing Petrak

Dr. Channing Petrak is the only practicing board-certified child abuse pediatrician in Central Illinois. She provides outstanding medical care to children who are victims of physical abuse, sexual abuse and neglect.

Dr. Petrak provides on call services to numerous medical providers and institutions in the area. She makes sure that she is there for the patients who need her. With her team at Pediatric Resource Center, Dr. Petrak puts a lot of their focus on prevention efforts to increase patient health and safely throughout the region.

Dr. Petrak works to educate medical providers of the future through her work at the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Peoria. She educates residents and medical students by providing lectures and exposure to the often-complicated subspecialty practice of child abuse pediatrics. She also provides education to Illinois Department of Child and Family Services workers, law enforcement, State’s Attorney’s Offices and other child protection workers through her Medical Aspects of Child Abuse Maltreatment training series.

Her leadership in this area helps to improve the care that children and their families receive throughout the state. In the past two years, Dr. Petrak has worked with Representative Mike Unes to spearhead House Bill 5245 which will improve and expand the access to care for child sexual assault victims. This bill is now on it’s way to the Governor’s desk for signature.

Let’s thank Dr. Channing Petrak for the work that she does and how she is making a difference by welcoming her to the 25 Women in Leadership.



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