Hemp Legal Under New Farm Bill

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The federal government appears ready to legalize a version of the cannabis plant that won’t get you high.

If President Trump signs the agriculture bill as written, it would take hemp off of the banned substance list.

Its news that’s been well received at one cultivation center in Central Illinois.

We visited the Revolution grow facility in Delavan last month, as part of our special report Light Up: Let Go.

And while the focus has been on their success over the past three years as a medical marijuana cultivation center, they were already planning to expand operations.

The management team here sees even greater growth potential on the hemp side…To where they could become a regional employment hub.

“We pull resources basically from Pekin, Peoria, Bloomington, Morton, Lincoln, Springfield. I mean, we have employees coming from everywhere. We actually have employees moving down from the Chicago area,” said Eric Diekhoff, Executive VP of Operations.

Revolution Enterprises touts the science of marijuana cultivation at both the Delavan work site and online.

They told us last month that the planned a 50 percent staff increase within the next year before this decision on hemp came down from Washington.

Eric Diekhoff wrote:

“We, at Revolution, are extremely happy with the recent passage of the Industrial hemp act within the Farm Bill.  We have been working with legislators and regulators throughout this process and now look forward to working with farmers in this process moving forward.  This is an historic event that will fundamentally change our agricultural system.  With over twenty five thousand different uses, hemp will strengthen our economy, create a cleaner environment, and make for a healthier future for all of us.”


Tyler Lopez

Tyler Lopez

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