Eight candidates vie for three Normal Town Council seats

Eight Normal residents are now candidates for town council — double the number of people who ran two years ago — including two incumbents, and ISU teacher and student.

Incumbent council member Kathleen Lorenz said she is confident in her ability to continue to make the right decisions for the town.

“I’ve got all of the energy and excitement but now the experience, I’ve going through that major learning curve. So i can really truly hit the ground running and be able to take all the knowledge I’ve learned in the past four years and apply it for the next four years,” Lorenz said.

Karyn Smith, an ISU teacher who threw her name in the hat is looking to make normal more handicapped accessible.

“My daughter Bella is developmentally delayed and she’s going to spend the rest of her life in the community. i need to make that this community is one that will be friendly to her and her peers for the rest of her life,” Smith said.

One small business owner who is running says the town focuses more on their “wants” rather than “needs” when it comes to the local economy and tax breaks.

“They’re giving them away to restaurants, retail, to luxury apartments. that irritates me and we shouldn’t, if we’re going to give away incentives these incentives need to be a net economic benefit for the community,” Normal Town Candidate Stan Nord said.

For Lorenz, she said the increased competition will keep things interesting.

“Variety is the spice of life. i think maybe the larger number of newcomers came out in response to the fact that one of our incumbents have chosen not to run again. it’ll be good it’ll be a healthy discussion i think,” she said.

While Nord said it could be a way to sway decisions.

“Now that we’ve got a huge field of people I’m actually pretty happy and i can see that we actually do have an opportunity for real change,” He said.

The other candidates for Normal Town Council are: Incumbent R.C. McBride, ISU Junior Alex Campbell, Normal Planning Commission member and State Farm employee Dave Shields, Normal Public Library Board Member Joel Studebaker and Outreach Director of the Center for Hope Ministries Pat Turner.

Stephanie Rodriguez

Stephanie Rodriguez

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