Making History – Peoria County elects first African American into County wide position

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Peoria County has elected their new Auditor and she made history with her victory.

The County has not had an African American elected into a County wide position since it’s founding in 1825. Jessica Thomas is ready to take on her role and to set the stage for more diversity in county government.

While she may not be able to get into her office quite yet, the newly elected county auditor, Jessica Thomas, is getting her bearings at the Peoria County Court House as the first African American to hold an elected position in the Counties history.Thomas said the emotions are hard to describe.

“This morning it was a lot of happy tears because it’s like, we did it, we’re done and oh my gosh I can’t believe 193 years, I can’t believe.”

She said she is proud so many people came out to the polls to support her.

“People like to vote for something they believe in, they like to vote for representation and that’s something that’s been lacking in Peoria County.”

Her main goal is to get the powers and the duties reinstated into the County Auditor’s Office that are mandated by the Illinois State Statues Office that were taken away by the County board 10 years ago.She also wants to crease more government transparency.

“I want to go to the social media platform where a lot of people are to let them know what’s going on in the county and how it directly affects them and how they can enact change because the people truly have the power.”

She said she hopes they can continue to make history one elected position at a time.

“I’m excited about the change in Peoria. I really believe it’s change in the county wide politics, like we made a big dent. We still got a lot of work to do but this is a step in the right direction.”



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