Crowd gathers to combat crime in Chillicothe

Some Chillicothe residents are at their wit’s end over crime, especially after a burglary at Helping Hands, a resale shop, this past Sunday.

Tuesday night residents gathered for what police said was the biggest neighborhood watch party in Chillcothe to date.

For a small town like Chillicothe, there have been a lot of break-in’s, ATV’s and cars have been stolen and garages have been broken into too. A lot of this is happening on the north end of town.

“As far as the thefts, ATV’s, I don’t have a reason now. We are trying to figure out why, where they’re going and things like that,” said Chillicothe Police Chief, Scott Mettille.

“It’s the meth. The drugs have gotten a lot harsher, a lot more addictive,” said resident Samuel Massengill.

Mettille said they are doing what they can.

“The vehicle burglaries, we’re going to have those all the time, unfortunately. It’s not a perfect world. We’re going to do the best we can in terms of solving them. We put different officers out in different locations to try to hit those spots,” said Mettille.

The recent break-in at Helping Hands only increased frustration.

“There was some video footage that we were able to retrieve and right now we have two individuals of interest that we are looking for. Unfortunately we have received word that they have fled the state,” added Mettille.

Police said they need the community’s help.

“It’s the good work of the citizens that call us,” said Mettille.

For example, police are asking neighborhood watch members to become good witnesses in helping identify the criminals and to help identify vehicles too.

That is one reason residents flocked in Tuesday night, hoping to join forces to create a safer, better community for all.

There is an active neighborhood watch Facebook page, which residents said has been helpful in combating neighborhood crime.



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