Mary Pille

Mary Pille serves as the President of Junior Achievement of Central Illinois with a mission of inspiring and preparing young people to succeed in a global economy. In the last 5 years, Mary and her team have consistently taken Junior Achievement of Central Illinois to a higher degree of impact by progressively setting multiple new records for the organization. Namely, a 33% increase in revenue, a geographic expansion of 12 to 29 counties, the creation of three local area boards to grow grassroots efforts in outlying areas, the achievement of a four-star status with JA USA for exceeding operating standards four years in a row, a 2016 finalist of the JA USA Karl Flemke national leadership award and much more.

Mary’s ability to inspire others is reflected in a multitude of partnerships and collaborative initiatives… from introducing JA’s signature high school entrepreneurship program “JA Company Program” alongside Start-Up Peoria, AppsCo and Bradley University Center for Entrepreneurship and partnering with the Greater Peoria EDC to implement GP CareerSpark, an 8th grade career expo impacting nearly 4,000 students in the first year to becoming a partner agency with the Heart of Illinois United Way and participating as a member of the Alignment Peoria Operating Board and Co-Chair of the College and Career Readiness Action Team.

Mary firmly believes in the importance of educating and preparing our youth – our future community leaders. During the 2017-2018 school year, Mary, her staff and 600+ volunteers achieved a record number of students impacted – more than 16,000 students have turned “I can’t.” to “I can.”

Please join us in welcoming Mary Pille to the 25 Women in Leadership!



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