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Jobs Partnership offers second chance for ex-inmates

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Partnership Jobs

PEORIA (WEEK)- Jobs Partnership is a faith-based organization that performs outreach to people while they're incrassated. The organization helps those transitioning out of jail by offering soft skills and job training. But organization leaders saw that despite people completing the training they still struggled to find employment.  

"Many times, people go through training programs and don't get jobs out of it. We as we've been working on it over the years saw that to some extent you have to control the training and you have to control the jobs meaning you have to have businesses," said Reverend Tony Pierce.  

Heaven's View church owns solar businesses to offer additional job opportunities. 

September 2021 The Clean Energy Jobs Act bill passed to continue providing funding that supports environmental jobs for minorities.  

Reverend Pierce works with The Illinois People Action group to push the most progressive climate action bill to be passed.  

This bill being passed allows more solar jobs to be offered to people of color. 

Tyronne Brown began working for the organization after successfully completing the program. "Once I became a part of the program and got my certificate, I was jobs partnership for life. I'm always there for them because they were always there for me and I'm there for the next person" says Brown.  

Jobs Partnership is always seeking donations. Some of the inmates they help send donations while incrassated. Anyone who would like to help by donating to this non-profit organization can contact 309-404-9095. 

AJ Douglas

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