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Peoria approves changes to city code regarding short-term rentals

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PEORIA (WEEK) -- Roughly 90% of current short term rentals in Peoria are operating without a license. Peoria City Council took a step toward changing that Tuesday evening as two new properties received special use permits.

The relevant ordinance was amended to allow those short term rentals, if they follow city code and see the special use approved for their particular address. Council members say this amendment protects neighborhoods and addresses concerns residents previously had.

Community Development Director, Joe Dulin, said about 60 short term rentals like Airbnb's are already operating in the city without a license. If they don't receive that and special use permission, Dulin said the city will eventually give out citations.

Although, some councilmembers disagreed with changing the ordinance.

"When things go wrong, what's our enforcement capability? We know our police enforcement is stretched thin," Second District Councilman, Chuck Grayeb, continued, "We can't even keep up with the code enforcement issues we have now."

A short term rental license goes for $75. One of the rules in the ordinance is no more than 6 people are allowed in a rental property at a time. Council also capped each neighborhood at no more than 3% of the available homes offering short term rentals.

Paige Blanzy

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