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Escapee’s family speaks out after he pleads not guilty in court

michelle hagy

LEWISTOWN (WEEK) -- Two men who escaped from the Fulton County Jail last month pleaded not guilty to escape charges in court on Wednesday. Cody Villalobos and Jesse Davis were two of four men who escaped from the facility last month.

The family of Villalobos said they do not condone what he did. His mother said she wished her son had stayed in his cell the night of the escape, the night he and three other men were able to get free because of an apparent broken toilet.

Surveillance video from July 7 appeared to capture the men escape around 6:30 pm. Within a few days, all four that escaped were captured, three found in Fulton County, one in the Peoria area.

Cody's mom, Michelle Hagy, wanted to send her son a message on Thursday.

"Your actions don't affect just you, your actions affect me, and your sisters, and your grandmother," said Hagy.

Both Villalobos and Davis asked for jury trials for the charges they are facing. In addition to escape, Davis is also accused of stealing a car. Both men are scheduled to have another hearing in two months. If he were to be convicted, Cody's brother, Jeff, said Cody is an addict, and needs rehab, not prison. His mother said if Cody were to serve more time, she's unsure if she'll still be alive when he would be released.

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