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White House needs $1 Billion in funding to evacuate Afghans


(CNN) -- With U.S. Forces pulling out of Afghanistan, there's an urgent need to evacuate Afghans who have helped the U.S. and coalition forces.

If that doesn't happen, those people will likely be targeted by the Taliban.

Lawmakers in both parties have ramped up pressure on the White House to move quickly to address the issue. The Biden administration has told Congress it needs $1 Billion for the effort to get visas to those Afghans.

They want $500 million for the State Department and up to $500 million for the Defense Department.

The administration has not yet submitted a formal request for the funding, which has bipartisan support. The money could be rolled into a security supplemental funding package.

Negotiations for that package are underway and a top Republican senator says lawmakers are close to reaching a deal.

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