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Ameren Illinois suggests ways to keep cool and save money

East Peoria, Ill. (WEEK) - Hot summers in Central Illinois are always expected, and keeping cool can prove difficult and at times, costly.

Ameren Illinois has suggested ways for you to keep your home cool while saving you money, some of which you might not have thought about.

First, if you have a ceiling fan, make sure that it is spinning counter-clockwise during the summer. This makes sure that the air is being pushed toward you and circulating around.

Use window shades or blinds on your windows. Keeping direct sunlight out of your home will help keep the heat and your energy bill down.

Concentrate your air-conditioning. You don't need to cool rooms in your house that no one inhabits right? Close off spare rooms and close the vents in them, this will direct more airflow to your inhabited rooms.

Something that many often forget about is HVAC maintenance. Your system is costly and having it fail can prove very expensive. Plus, if it fails during the summer, you will become very uncomfortable in your own home when you need it. Have your system serviced at least once a season, as summer nears and as winter nears. This way you can ensure your system is working properly and you stay comfortable in your home.

Austin Evans

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