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Ease Back Into Pre-Covid Routine

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The return to normal activities with full capacities won't be easy for everyone.

For those with various anxieties or phobias, large crowds and gatherings could cause more stress.

A clinical psychologist with the Antioch Group in Peoria says removing that concern - for some - could be a slow process as our brains retain fear to a higher degree than any other emotion.

"We've been told and we have taken on for the last year and a half that these situations are dangerous to our health and to the health of those we love. So, it's going to be a while for a lot of people before their brains are ready to let go of that old message and move into something new again," said Dr. Barbara Toohill.

She recommends starting with activities that feel comfortable but still limited, like easing into the pool, rather than jumping in right away.

Tyler Lopez

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