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Mother and son injected with empty syringes before receiving COVID-19 vaccine

hy-vee grand prairie

PEORIA (WEEK) - A local pharmacy team is being retrained on proper vaccine handling protocols this week after a mother and son were given empty shots.

On Sunday, the wife and son of Dr. Zahangir Khaled went into the Hy-Vee Pharmacy by the Shoppers at Grand Prairie for their second doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Afterwards, the pharmacist who administered the shots later told the family the syringes were empty with nothing but air inside.

The mother and son were each given an additional shot; this time with the actual COVID-19 vaccine.

"Usually when you open a syringe, and then put the air into the vile you should, after putting air, include the pressure, then you bring the syringe down so that the medicine can come easily to the syringe. But, how that air filled syringe sitting next to the medicine filled syringe? There's just no clear answer for that."

- Dr. Zahangir Khaled, MD

Dr. Khaled says that his wife and son are not finding any problematic symptoms of an air embolism, which can happen if an empty syringe is injected into a vein.

On Monday, Hy-Vee's Director of Public Relations, Christina Gayman released the following statement:

"The two patients received all pertinent information and did receive their vaccinations. Our pharmacy team at this location has been retrained on proper vaccine handling protocols."

- Director of Public Relations, Christina Gayman
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