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DIGGING DEEPER: Police say people will eventually understand why the Dr. Marshall case is so complex

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william marshall

PEORIA (WEEK) -- It has been four months since the murder of 92-year-old Dr. William Marshall inside his North Peoria home. Peoria Police had still not released a suspect description, nor given any updates in the case.

January 6th, 2021, police entered Dr. Marshall's home and found his body in the basement. He had been stabbed to death.

Months later, family and neighbors of the upscale community had been given no answers as to who did it and why.

"Then you have open cases that are always progressing and actively being worked by several investigators. That's this case." said Lieutenant John Briggs, Criminal Investigations Division, Peoria Police Department.

Leah Day grew up in the tight, secluded neighborhood of High Point. Just streets away from Dr. Marshall's home.

"Everybody knew him. He just touched so many lives," said Day.

Dr. Marshall was not only well known for his precision in the operating room, but also for his impact on Peoria's art community.

"His presence at the museum is, is paramount," said Peoria Riverfront Museum Chief Curator, Bill conger.

Conger said the Doctor was always an avid collecter and supporter of the arts.

"His name is all over our collection storage facility because of the amount of works over the years that he had gifted to the museum," said Conger.

Dr. Marshall was featured in the "101 Treasures" exhibit in the museum this spring.

"Dr. Marshall was top of the heap," said Conger.

At this point in their investigation, police had said nothing about a motive. Many have asked, "Why would anyone want to kill the renowned surgeon, medical instructor and art collector?"

"I think as an investigation goes, and more things come out, people will see why it's complex," said Lt. Briggs.

Neighbors said police had told them they should not be worried about a suspect returning. Although, that did not calm Day's fears.

"It had to be a targeted. I mean, you just don't go all the way back to the back of the neighborhood to that very small street and go to the end of it very small street to the last house. You just don't unless there's a reason you're going to go to that house," said Day.

Police said they will not discuss any details of the investigation, but they did emphasize this case was very much in motion.

Meanwhile, the Marshall home was in the process of being sold.

And, tragically, Dr. Marshall's wife, Nancy, died in February. She had been in the house when the killing occurred.

"He just seemed invincible. But when somebody has a knife, I just hope that they catch whoever it is, and that they go to jail for a very long time," said Day.

25 News will continue to closely follow this case and will report any updates in the investigation.

Paige Blanzy

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