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Hospitals in McLean County are 99% full

McLEAN COUNTY (WEEK) -- The McLean County Health Department reported that 99% of area hospitals beds are full as of Thursday.

In addition, 96% of ICU beds in McLean County were full.

As of Thursday, those hospitals reported having 40 COVID-19 patients, which includes McLean County residents and patients from other counties sent to those hospitals.

The county's seven-day rolling positivity rate has been steadily increasing since February.

The lowest positivity rate was reported in February, at 1.4%.

It's now risen to 5.2% in three weeks.

McLean County is one of five local counties getting help from the state to address rising COVID-19 numbers.

Region 2 includes 20 central Illinois counties, including Peoria, McLean, LaSalle, and others, and Region 2's overall ICU bed availability fell to 20% Thursday.

The Illinois Department of Public Health has said if ICU availability reaches 20% or lower for three days in a row, more restrictions could be imposed on things like indoor dining.

MCHD also reported two new COVID-related deaths Thursday: a man in his 40s and a man in his 60s, bringing the counties total death toll to 210 since the pandemic began.

McLean County also has the third-lowest vaccination rate in our viewing area, with just under 18% of its population fully vaccinated.

Sheridan Swathwood

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