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Snow Plan: Peoria mayoral candidates comment on removal

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Peoria Snow

PEORIA (WEEK) -- February put Peoria's snow plan to the test: would cutting back on the number of routes plowed lead to longer wait times for residents?

Four of the five candidates running in Peoria's mayoral primary election said, "yes".

Wednesday overnight and early morning hours Thursday, we found a thin layer of snow that make nearly every surface slick.

And snow removal is different, as a result of budget-related cutbacks announced this fall that led to a reduction in snow routes, from 21 routes to 17, as well as a dozen lost staff members within the Public Works department.

But, thanks to mild November and December weather, those changes hadn't been quite as noticeable.

Since the mayoral primary is underway, here's how 4 of the 5 people on that ballot felt about the snow, in alphabetical order:

"So if you're angry about the snow routes. If you're angry about being unable to get out of your driveway then look at who's running for mayor, look at who's on the council and what have the done so far," said Andres Diaz.

"Well, hopefully we don't get much more snow, going forward here, for the rest of this year. But, certainly next season it's something that we'll have to have a better plan and get that communication out," said Jim Montelongo.

"I've been receiving calls from citizens about streets and we've been trying to make sure that those match up with public works so that we can get everybody on a cleared street as soon as possible," said Sid Ruckriegel.

"We are not doing what we need to do to make Peoria attractive to people and businesses. Therefore, we are not generating the revenue that we need and it's causing us to have to cut services that are really needed," said Chama St. Louis.

We were unable to speak on camera with Rita Ali Thursday.
And while early voting is underway, the mayoral primary wraps up in Peoria on Tuesday, Feb. 23.

The actual election is in April.

Tyler Lopez

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