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Write-in candidate points out a ballot mistake

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Peoria, Ill (WEEK) -- Write-in candidates for Peoria's mayoral race could be at a disadvantage after more than a hundred ballots were missing a key element, the write-in option.

Reverend Chuck Brown went to write his name for Peoria mayor on Tuesday but ran into a major issue.

"I went to vote yesterday and I couldn't find the write in for myself. So, we were able to alert the election commission and they were able to fix it as fast as they could," said Brown.

185 votes had already been cast which means there is no way any of those could be for Brown.

Some may see it as a disadvantage, not Brown.

"I have a fresh idea for the City of Peoria. In the last 7-8 years I have done what none of the other candidates have done. I've created over 2,000 jobs. I have a rich background outside of the church in the corporate world with Ameren. I've worked on projects where I bring majority and minority contractors together," said Brown.

The long-time Peorian is positive people will see his vision too.

"We represent a very large population of people that really need their voice heard and need to be properly represented in Peoria," said Brown.

The future in-person ballots are corrected.

Hundreds of mail-in ballots that were impacted are being reprinted and resent.

Write-in candidate Spence Morris said in a statement, " My first question would be why is it missing? As a voter first and foremost it’s unexpected-able. When we go vote we should have all our options available to vote. Now with the write-in line missing the first day is not only hurting us as candidates but hurts our elections. We are not giving everyone the options on the first day and our supporters are expecting to vote for us."

The primary election is Feb. 23rd, and the general election is April 6th.

Alex Menke

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