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Early voting begins today across Illinois

Photo Courtesy: MGN Online

PEORIA (WEEK) -- Early voting started on January 14th for consolidated primary elections on February 23rd.

The city of Peoria primary will have the mayor, treasurer and city council races. Peoria Township has a race for supervisor on the ballot. There are five candidates running for mayor, so this election narrow it down to two people for the April 6th election.

Peoria County Election Commissioner, Thomas Bride, said sometimes these local elections come down to one vote.

"Local races really have a bigger effect on a day to day basis than than a presidential probably or even your congressional races, I always tell people if you look at your tax bill everything on there you're voting for in will be affected by this primary in April," said Bride.

Here are a list of the races requiring a primary in Peoria County. For a full list you can access the Peoria Election Commission site here.

City of Peoria Mayor: Andres Diaz, Rita Ali, Jim Montelongo, Sid Ruckriegel, Chama St. Louis. (Couri Thomas and Chuck Brown are running as write-in candidates)

1st District City Council: Denise Jackson, Denise Moore (incumbent) , Aaron Chess, Jr., Alexander Sierra.

2nd District City Council: Peter Kobak, James Kemper, Charles V. Grayeb (incumbent).

3rd District City Council: Gale Thetford, Lawrence J. Maushard, Timothy Riggenbach (incumbent).

4th District City Council: Andre W. Allen, Stephen A. Kouri, Patricia Melaik.

City of Peoria Treasurer: David M. Beck, Patrick T. Risen, Stephen Morris, Brook Petty Sommerville.

Peoria Township Supervisor: Frank Abdnour (D), LaTrina Leary (D).

In Tazewell County there is only one race and it's for Washington Township. There are only two primary republican candidates.

"It's an unusual one. In the past there have been other ones like with the city of Washington, that's not. This is for Washington township offices only," said Tazewell County Clerk, John Ackerman.

In McLean County, only one race will be on the ballot and it is for Ward 7 in Bloomington. Only voters registered in that area are eligible to vote.

The Peoria County Election Commission building is located at 4422 Brandywine Drive in Peoria. It is open from 8:30 AM-4:30 PM Monday through Friday through February 12th. Times change after the 12th. Mail in ballots are also provided upon request.

The Tazewell County Election can be reached by calling 309-477-2267 from 8 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday.

Paige Blanzy

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