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Taking a break until indoor dining returns


Peoria, Ill. (WEEK) -- Some Peoria restaurants are closing up shop until indoor dining returns.

Chad Zike at the Hungry Moose said this second round of take-out isn't providing like before.

He's decided that his restaurant has to close and wait it out in order to survive long term.

Zike said this is not a political statement.

It's a way to make sure he can see his customers again.

"This is financial. I've done as much as I could with the payment protection money. We expected a grant we never received. We're just trying to hold on so our employees have a place to go," said Zike.

Zike said even though tier two mitigations don't allow indoor dining, he sees it as hope that we're moving in the right direction.

Other restaurants following suit, West Town Tap, Two25, and Harold's Pizza Oven.

Alex Menke

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