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‘Stop the Steal’ bus trip returns to Twin-Cities

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NORMAL (WEEK) -- David Paul Blumenshine left normal on a mission to 'Stop the Steal' at a rally held by president trump.

"We truly wanted to go out and support President Donald Trump in his plight to do something historical," he said.

But the siege that unfolded on television screens across the country was far from what Blumenshine said he saw.

"Some of these people started scaling scaffolding, and doing things like that and that's when from afar we're like oh okay this isn't going to turn out so our group actually went back to the bus," said Blumenshine.

After loading onto the bus for their trip back to Normal, Blumenshine said his group saw the scene behind them unfold on their phones.

He now claims the people who caused violence were not there to support President Trump.

"They weren't truly there for the message of the day which is to stop the steal," he said "We condemn it wholeheartedly, no place for political violence."

One person in the group describes the rally as awesome and loving, even bringing tears to her eyes. But when the assault began, she says they were nowhere near it.

"That stuff that came out, we didn't even know."

For claims saying Trump's to blame for the violence -- after telling protesters to march to the capital, Blumenshine disagrees.

"Absolutely not, that's ludicrous," said Blumenshine.

Blumenshine says there needs to be accountability for those who broke the law. He doesn't see them as true Trump supporters.

"They need to be investigated, justice needs to be swift," said Blumenshine.

Paige Blanzy

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