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Domestic Violence calls are up

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Peoria, Ill. (WEEK) -- Peoria County Sheriff Brian Asbell said his department is seeing a 22% increase in domestic violence calls.

But they're seeing an 8% decrease in domestic violence bookings into the jail.

He said the data isn't as clear cut as you may think.

"We have to balance this with you know with the pandemic and trying to control the numbers within our jails. And so some of these situations, the borderline situations that once were must arrest, they're more of a gray area right now. You try to develop a safety plan you tried to separate the parties. You refer it to the state's attorney for review to make a decision whether or not there, there should be prosecution," said Asbell.

The Peoria County Sheriff's office has domestic violence advocate to help with these calls.

Making sure to keep focused on their mission during these dark times is the Center for Prevention of Abuse.

"I think in one aspect, it can be more difficult for an individual to reach out to us during this time, because there is really not much, there's not many chances for someone to be able to make the call for help in a private or safe space," said Fran Reyes with the center.

Calls to the center's hotline are up and the non-profit has provided a record number of nights in their shelter this past year.

In addition to looking out for client safety, they offer more resources.

"It could be us referring them to our staff who work in the order of protection offices to get an order of protection. It could be that we determine with the individual on the phone that it might be best to call the police," said Reyes.

The Center for Prevention of Abuse is open 24/7.

Alex Menke

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