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‘Real winner’ of 2020 election is President Trump, McLean County GOP chair says

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Connie Beard

BLOOMINGTON (WEEK) - The head of the McLean County Republican Party believes the 2020 presidential election's "real winner" is President Donald Trump, and she believes the nation will suffer lasting damage if something isn't done to combat election fraud.

Local GOP Chairwoman Connie Beard said on the party's Facebook page that she submitted a letter to the editor of The Pantagraph, Bloomington-Normal's daily newspaper.

"Any reasonable thinking person who looks with an honest eye at the statistical anomalies as well as the repeated acts of fraud that have been uncovered can only conclude that the real winner of the 2020 election is President Trump," Beard wrote.

"Our constitution provides for methods in which to address election fraud and our president has every right to use every legal method at his disposal. In fact, it is his duty to defend our nation against the very fraud that has been perpetrated on our electoral system," Beard also said.

Beard's comments as Republican U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley announced he'll protest Electoral College certification because “some states, including notably Pennsylvania” didn't follow their election laws. Congress is supposed to certify election results next Wednesday.

"Certainly, we here in Illinois have lived with examples of dishonest elections in Chicago even before the days of Mayor Daley," said Beard.

"So why would it be any surprise that similar election practices are found in the cities in question?"

Beard went on to write that "I and the majority of Republicans stand with President Trump as he seeks to fight the deep-seated corruption that has been revealed in our system."



Howard Packowitz

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