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8-year-old filling her dad’s truck with pop tabs for charity

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WASHINGTON (WEEK) -- Eight-year-old Jovie Kaeb is on a mission to fill her dad's truck with pop tabs to donate to the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Illinois.

Her mother, Jen Kaeb, said Jovie had always been a collector of small trinkets. After seeing pop tabs all over the house, Kaeb had an idea.

"What if we like filled Daddy's truck with these things and she squealed and was so excited and I could not tell her no," said Kaeb.

Filling the truck isn't just for fun though, the pop tab donations go to the Ronald McDonald House, which turn into money. The House in Peoria, provides a place for families to stay while their child receives medical care.

"To lift a weight and a burden from them and again just bring them joy and hope during these times and they don't have to worry about anything, that's the biggest thing," said Kaeb.

After hearing of Dax Locke's story, a boy diagnosed with Leukemia at just 15-months-old, Jovie only had one thought.

"I want to see the whole truck filled up with them," said Jovie Kaeb.

Jovie isn't far from filling the truck either. Just two days after her mother posted about it on Facebook, they were shocked.

"We came home and she had thousands of tabs on the front porch," said Kaeb.

Jovie does not have an official end date, so she has set goals for herself to collect a certain amount of tabs each week.

"When she has big goals she goes for it," Kaeb continued, "She's got a good heart."

When Jovie does fill the truck, she said she'll have one reaction.

"This is amazing," said Jovie Kaeb.

For drop off locations and more information, visit their Facebook page.

Paige Blanzy

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