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Goofy Ridge Church helping its own community


GOOFY RIDGE (WEEK) -- At first glance, a small white building sitting in Goofy Ridge doesn't look like it serves much purpose. Although, 21-year-old missionary pastor, Braden Nafziger, said it means so much to so many.

"A lot of people don't have a whole lot out here," Nafziger continued, "Anybody that wants to come by for a meal or to hangout or play basketball, I would say there's probably someone here everyday of the week."

The small building is actually the Goofy Ridge Church. Nafziger said it's the reason why he moved to the community.

Every Tuesday night, kids gather there for food, singing and a bible lesson.

"There's not anything else out here in Goofy Ridge. There's no parks, no community buildings so this is the place to be if you're a kid," said Nafziger,
"I've personally heard from some kids, this church is a place where they can come be safe."

Nafziger said their programs do not only focus on kids, but also adults. One of them, Charles Gibbs, said this church saved his life.

"I was on a path to self destruction," Gibbs said, "Times where I needed to do laundry, get something to eat, once and awhile need somewhere to stay, this is where I found myself."

Now at least four days a week, Gibbs volunteers at the church.

"I only think that's the right thing to do, because maybe me giving back to them they're able to give back to someone else," said Gibbs.

There is even a food box outside where people can take whatever items they might need. Youth leader Audrey Riggenbach said the box is filled with perishables and canned goods.

"That's just a way to keep giving back because food is one of the best ways to help this community out," said Riggenbach.

Nafziger said he hopes to inspire other young people to better their surroundings too.

"We're here to work with people, not just make them projects," said Nafziger.

For more information on the church and how to help visit their website.

Paige Blanzy

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