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Rockton kid competing for top mullet in the country

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ROCKTON (WREX) — Noah Smith will hop on anything with a motor.

He’ll spend as much time as he can on the dirt track behind his house, often needing to be reminded to come in and eat something.

As he tears his way around the track and jumps off his homemade ramp, you can’t help but notice his hair blowing behind him.

Getting a look at his cut may take you back to the 1980’s.

Noah is rocking the iconic mullet, going down to rest just above his shoulder.

It’s a style the 12-year-old has sported for a couple of years now.

“In fourth or fifth grade I started and I had a rat tail and in sixth grade I cut that off and just started the mullet,” Noah said.

Beside the fact this is a do you don’t see everyday, Noah is getting even more attention for it thanks to something his father found scrolling through Facebook one day.

“We saw the USA Mullet Championships were hosting a kids division. We thought our kid has a mullet so let’s go for it,” Noah’s mom Jamie Smith said.

This year is the inaugural kids competition to find the youngster with the best mullet in the country.

Roughly 100 applicants were narrowed down to 10 finalist.

Despite not being too enthused about the contest, Noah made the cut.

“It’s a really cool opportunity for him to be in the top 10. It’s fun to see our son’s picture all over Facebook and social media and on the website of the USA Mullet Championship. It’s been really fun,” Jamie Smith said.

Each finalist has a different ‘style’ of mullet to showcase.

Noah is known as the ‘Freedom Flapper,’ a patriotic moniker his mom says fits him perfectly.

“He’s all about the USA. He loves flags. He’s a big supporter of the military and then just the fact that the mullet is flapping behind him really solidifies that name that they gave him,” Jamie smith said.

Noah is in the top half of voting right now, vying for the $500 prize for first place.

The Smith’s are excited for Noah’s opportunity but are also happy to be able to reach out to people they don’t get to hear from everyday.

“We’ve had a really fun time connecting with people that we don’t connect with very often just because we have a reason to reach out to them right now,” Jamie Smith said.

“His class has been voting. The school has been behind him. All of our friends and family are behind him. It’s been really neat just to spotlight Noah.”

Voting for the USA Kids Mullet Championships runs through Sunday, October 25.

Click here if you want to cast your vote for Noah and get him one step closer to the top mullet in the nation.

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