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Mary Burress asks Koehler take down political ad about healthcare

Peoria IL (WEEK) - It's one of the most advertised political races in the central Illinois, the race for the 46th State Senate seat.

The Republican challenger, Mary Burress, is now demanding the incumbent take down an attack ad.

Burress says Dave Koehler is lying about her position on healthcare. The recent ad says Burress, the current Tazewell County treasurer, will work with 'Springfield insiders' to deny coverage for those with pre-existing conditions.

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Burress says she knows the pain of losing someone to illness and would never vote to take that protection away.

"Senator Koehler shows to me that he will stoop to any level to protect his seat….he's lied about his own record, now he's lying about mine," says Burress.

Senator Koehler and his campaign called this a political stunt from the Burress team, saying it's to distract from a lack of GOP healthcare plans.

“The fact is Mary Burress is supported by those interested in dismantling healthcare laws protecting people with preexisting conditions from having their coverage stripped away by big insurance companies. It is too bad that Mary refused the offer to discuss policy issues like this at the League of Women Voters forum on September 17th," said Koehler in a statement.

Jenise Rebholz

Evening Anchor, Heart of Illinois ABC

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