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Local professor previews vice presidential debate

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PEORIA (WEEK) -- Wednesday evening the vice presidential debate will be a face off between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris.

After last weeks controversial presidential debate, associate professor of history and government at Lincoln College, Ron Keller, said people are looking for the answers they didn't get.

Keller said Harris and Pence have a different tone compared to the presidential candidates and he assumed they will be scolded by the moderator if the topics aren't addressed.

"Kamala Harris does represent to some people a more radical wing of being in the democratic party, from California. Mike Pence is from the hot-bed of conservatism in Indiana. So, they do have two very different world views and two very different takes on issues," said Keller.

Both presidential candidates are over 70-years- old and Keller said we could be dealing with a vice president, becoming the president.

Keller added he believes this is one of the most important vice presidential debates there have been in a long time because people may cast their vote this year based off of the vice president.

"There needs to be discussion on police funding, racial issues. Also there needs to be some discussion on healthcare, there's needs to be discussion on health care. There needs to be discussion on foreign policy. There needs to be discussion on the COVID pandemic and the response to that. I think there will be," said Keller.

The debate will be streamed live on and Facebook.

Paige Blanzy

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