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Tazewell County clerk says all early voting, mail-in ballots have been sent to voters

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PEKIN (WEEK) -- It's been a record year for early voting and mail-in ballots requested.

Tazewell County Clerk John Ackerman says his office has finished all 15,600 of the ballots and put them in the mail to voters on Monday, so they will have time complete the ballot and mail it back -- no later than Election Day on Nov. 3.

"While saying that, if you do get the ballot tomorrow, you know how you're going to vote on that, go ahead and fill that ballot out, get it in the mail," said Ackerman. "The sooner we get it, we can start processing and getting those votes counted -- the more accurate the vote will be on election night."

Ackerman said he expects they will be counting the mail-in ballots up to two weeks after Election Day.

If applicants have not received their ballot by Friday, Ackerman is advising those to call their office at 309-477-2264.

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