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Professors adapting to teaching courses online

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WEEK (PEORIA) -- Faculty at Bradley University and Lincoln College have transitioned to teaching their courses online for at least two weeks.

It has been a different atmosphere for John Malone, the Division Chair for Fine Arts at Lincoln.

"We had to be very creative," said Malone.

Malone said over the summer Faculty at Lincoln were trained to teach at least one of their courses online. He said this was like a 180 after last March when they only had a week to prepare.

"Everyone was in the same boat. And that boat felt sometimes like it was sinking," Malone said.

At Bradley, Department Chair of Interactive Media, Ethan Ham said he wasn't sure how students were going to react to new, virtual teaching methods.

"I was concerned, because I think there's reasonable expectation. You come to university and you're going to have your classes in person and I was anticipating some complaints, but I really haven't heard any," said Ham.

While Malone and Ham have both taken their classes to online, they have found different ways of teaching their students.

"For my first class of the semester, it was really lecture everyone muted, I'm talking, they're listening. And that was hard," said Ham.

After that, Ham said he wanted more personal interaction with his students.

"I left everyone's mic on, I encouraged them to speak up whenever they have a thought and its been really good," said Ham.

Malone had a different approach. His lectures are uploaded and allows his students to call or email him at any time.

"Do I like it? No, I wish we were face to face all the time. And I believe we'll be back in less than a couple weeks and if we have to go back out again for another couple weeks, so be it," said Malone.

Both Bradley and Lincoln said they will re-evaluate their plans to return to on-campus classes in the coming weeks.

Paige Blanzy

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