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Wisconsin businesswoman lauds Trump business policies

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CHARLOTTE (WXOW) - The owner of a small central Wisconsin business said the president's pro-business policies are among the reasons she's supporting his re-election.

Debbie Flood runs the Melron Corporation, an architectural foundry in Schofield.

She began her speech by talking about the struggles the business faced when they lost half of their business to China in the mid-2000s and having to deal with the Great Recession.

She said they breathed a sigh of relief when Trump was first elected. "He actually cared about bringing back those three beautiful words, 'Made in America'.

She cited the president's pro-business and pro-worker policies that have helped her business thrive in a stimulated economy. Tax cuts from the Trump administration, she said, allowed for her workers to get not only a pay raise but a tax cut as well.

Flood credited the Paycheck Protection Program for allowing employees to keep working despite the uncertainty surrounding the economy in the pandemic.

She criticized Joe Biden stating that he'd raise taxes and bring back excessive regulations.

Flood concluded her remarks, "I own a business whose mission it is to solve problems. Anything can be solved with a little creativity. It takes courage, committment, and ideas. And those are all things that come naturally to President Trump. And that's why he has my support."

Flood was among three people from Wisconsin who spoke during the convention.

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