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Four local restaurants close down for deep sanitizing after COVID testing mixup

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Peoria Heights (WEEK) -- Monday morning Cayenne restaurant in Peoria Heights announced that one of their employees has tested positive for COVID-19 over the weekend. 

The owner found out later in the afternoon, that the employees brother actually tested positive. They decided to remain closed for the day and deep clean all of their restaurants. 

"Minutes before you came in the door, I was told by the manger of this location that employee's brother who he went to get tested with was a positive test and who is a minor and gave his brothers phone number for him to call…found that out when he received his negative test results back today,” says Travis Mohlenbrink the president and owner of Spice Hospitality. 

Despite the mix up in tests, Travis Mohlenbrink says they’re still taking the precautions and closing down four of his properties; Cayenne, Sugar, Thyme and Industry Brewing for the day to continue sanitizing.

"we're still moving forward with our deep cleaning, we were already in the middle of it. Whether it costs money on one day or not I think it's the smart thing to do,” says Mohlenbrink.

There is no mandate that restaurant must shut down if a staffer tests positive, but Mohelbrink says despite the loss in profit he would’ve made today from his concept dining locations he wanted people to know he’s taking this seriously and that he cares. 

“we're not only closing four businesses down today but we're paying people to come in and do a thorough cleaning,” says Mohelbrink. 

As for the employee who’s brother tested positive Mohelbrink says he was in contact with he IDPH and the employee will be in self quarantine. 

Trisha Christakes

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