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Riding for Dray. A grandpa’s mission to save his grandson


One grandpa is hopping on his hot rod to save his grandson's life.

Jim Clarahan's grandson Drayson (Dray) was dignosed with lipodystropy.

It's an extremely rare condition associated with his brain tumor.

Clarahan is driving on his motorcycle around the state's to spread awareness about pediatric brain cancer and brain tumors.

He also hopes to meet others in his family's position.

"Maybe I'll learn something. I'm hoping to learn something. My mission on this ride is not only to raise awareness of brain cancers and brain tumors," said Clarahan.

So far he's raised $30,000 for pediatric brain tumor and pediatric brain cancer research according to his website .

This ride will take about two months to complete.

He plans on visiting over 60 offices that deal with these diseases.

Alex Menke

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