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A noose found in Brimfield

noose (2)

A man was trying to do simple yard work when he ran into a noose hanging from his tree.

The crime report said it was discovered Tuesday evening in Brimfield on Grange Road.

The black noose was wrapped around the tree five times.

The Peoria County Sheriff Brian Asbell said finding something like this can be upsetting and startling for homeowners and his deputies.

"There is symbolism involved here. I'm sure it's just as alarming for the homeowner that called. That's what initiated this call to the point where they asked for police assistance because it is a symbol that speaks of hate.," said Asbell.

Asbell adds crimes like these can be hard to solve without a suspect or more evidence.

The homeowner did give deputies "town chatter" to look into.

This is the first reported occurrence of this happening in Brimfield this year.

Alex Menke

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