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Monday Mentorship program returns to the Carver Center


PEORIA (WEEK) - A mentor ship program for young men in Peoria is starting back up after taking months off.

Carl Holloway is the executive director of MAY I Community Outreach. The organization hosts Male Mentor Monday's, a mentor ship program for young men in Peoria, ages 8 to 17.

The group has not been able to meet since the stay-at-home order took place in march, but tomorrow, the program is starting back up, teaching young men the four core principles.

"We focus on appearance, behavior, communication, and discipline," said Holloway, executive director of the program.

Holloway says himself and other mentors are here to educate young men who may not have a role model in their life.

"I'd say 90 percent of our young men have absent fathers so we're trying to bridge the gap that's missing there," said Holloway.

And some of these young men, they are dealing with peer pressure. Holloway explained sometimes, it can be hard for them to do the right thing.

"So they're being influenced by some younger men their age and some of them without having a male figure there, they make some poor decisions. So what we work on is better decision making, being okay with being alone, and doing the right thing all the time," explained Holloway.

After going through similar experiences, Holloway wants to do what he can to lead Peoria's youth down the right path.

"For one, I was that young man without a male figure in my life as well, and like them I made poor decisions, so just given the opportunity to be involved with them and bridge the gap and to help them along the way, it's encouraging to me and it's also a great thing to give back," said Holloway.

And while they are mentoring these young men, they will also be taking actions to be cautious of COVID-19.

"I've got boxes of masks. We're going to do our six feet and we're doing temperature checks at the door for the parent and the child so we'll be within CDC guidelines," said Holloway.

Holloway says, Monday, they will start by going over emotions. Talking about what they have been going through during the pandemic. As well as doing a self assessment to set future goals.

There will be open registration at the Carver Center tomorrow. Or, you can sign up online on the MAY I Community Out Reach website.

Gabi Guerrero

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