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Eight Libertarians work to get on November ballot

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The Greater Peoria Libertarian Party has their sights set on a few offices this November.

Eight Libertarians are hoping you'll give them signatures to make onto November's ballot.

The potential candidates made their pleas for support they must get now in order to compete against the top dog.

Some of the positions they are after in Peoria County include, auditor, clerk, coroner, and the districts within the county board.

In Tazewell County, auditor and board president.

All going head to head with either a Republican or Democrat.

At the top of the ticket is Ken Allison who's running for State Representative for the 88th District against a Democrat from Bloomington and Republican incumbent Keith Sommer.

"He has been unavailable during one of the most critical periods during our lifetimes," said Allison.

He said no more bickering in Springfield, it's time to get to work.

"Maybe there are more than just red dots and blue dots. We seriously need to stop defining ourselves by how close we are to the extreme 3% of the hard left or the 3% of the extreme hard right. Maybe now is the time to have an honest discussion about how we feel about the political duopoly," said Allison.

Greater Peoria Libertarian Party Chairman Donny Henry said Illinois makes it harder for third parties to have a fair shot at office.

"Illinois' one of the most ballot restrictive states. We need 25,000 signatures for our statewide candidates, 10,000 for congress, 3,000 for state rep. and 1,000 for county board even," said Henry.

After a lawsuit against Governor Pritzker the court ruled that with the shelter in place order, third parties will only need to get 10% of those signatures.

This year, it can be done electronically.

They also pushed the deadline to file back by a month.

For more on the Libertarian Candidates click here.

Alex Menke

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