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Bradley ‘World of Wonder’ summer program transitions to online classes


PEORIA (WEEK) - Due to COVID-19, Bradley University 'World of Wonder, or WOW, summer program has cancelled in person classes.

The program will transition to online classes after being in person for more than 35 years. After making some adjustments, the program will continue with one hour classes held online via Zoom or Google Meet.

World of Wonder is for all students entering second through ninth grade. WOW offers several classes including math, Spanish, stem based courses and more.

Program Director, Catherine Lawless says although WOW is not in person this year, children who partake will still benefit from the program.

"Over the summer it's important for kids to stay engaged and keep their minds creative. It's just convenient, it's fun, it's enriching, it's affordable. I think this summer, yes it's going to be different it's online, but on the other hand, you can do it from anywhere," said Lawless.

WOW will run for one week in July, from the 27th to the 31st. It cost 49 dollars per class and you can sign your child up here.

Gabi Guerrero

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