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Peoria youth creates ‘Young Revolution’ group, organizing peaceful protests

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PEORIA (WEEK) - They call themselves the young revolution, and their goal is to promote unity across the city of Peoria.

"They're my brothers and sisters and they're amazing and we're passionate and we're strong and we're going to be heard and we're going to make a change," said Ally Johnson.

Johnson is the treasurer of the group, and she says the whole movement started on Facebook.

"At first it was just an idea because we were all very fed up with the injustice around the country. It just started with a Facebook post."

From that post came a group of about 20 young black men and women that decided they wanted a peaceful protest.

Autumn Cain is the group's co-vice president, and her job was to help spread the word.

"I made the first flyer that everyone say in the newspaper and stuff, i drew that out by hand and then we got it pushing, got it out there," said Cain.

Cain added the group has been in contact with police in order to ensure the safety of everyone that attends their events.

"The fact that we can have that big of a turn out, have that many people there different races different genders different ages coming out there to support our movement, support what we're trying to do for the community is just showing us that it's possible."

When choosing which routes to march, the group decides what is easiest for people to recognize if they want to attend. Cain says they chose the courthouse because it is symbolic of the change they are trying to make within legislation.

"Now, having a lot of heads doesn't hurt. it's taking all of us to put these things together," said memebr of Young Revolution, Sincere Williams.

"We all have different backgrounds, different resources. It's a little bit jumbled but we also have the head people that are making sure everything is in place," said Cain.

The group will be hosting another march Sunday. They are calling it the 'Are We Next' rally. It will be a silent march in support of justice for Peoria victims who have lost their lives at the hands of police.

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