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Peoria leaders ask citizens to stay home


PEORIA (WEEK) -Peoria city leaders are urging people to stay home as first responders try to curb incidents of civil unrest that have occurred in recent days.

The Peoria City Council met Monday in a special closed-door session as Police Chief Loren Marion and Fire Chief Tony Ardis provided public safety updates.

In a statement, the chiefs and elected leaders recommend residents "take extra safety precautions and look out for their neighbors."

They said there are extra first responders on duty.

""Help our first responders. If you don't need to go out, don't. Please avoid unnecessary trips," the statement said.

“We know how to confront challenges. And we’ll get through this, too," the mayor said.

"Our citizens are much stronger than those who would gain by putting innocent citizens’ safety at risk.” Mayor Ardis also said.

Howard Packowitz

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