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Pepper balls fired at crowd at East Peoria Walmart

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UPDATE (Sunday, 1:40 a.m.) -- Despite reports of businesses being labeled as potential targets, there were no incidents in the City of Pekin.

Pekin Police spokesperson Billie Ingles says extra officers were called in as a precaution and that the situation continues to be monitored.

UPDATE (11:40 p.m.) -- The East Peoria Police chief says pepper balls were fired at a crowd outside of the Walmart in East Peoria when bricks were thrown towards officers.

The incident happened around 10:50 p.m. Saturday night.

The crowd also formed a line of shopping carts prior to the bricks being thrown, but Chief Steve Roegge said that was not an issue.

"They made the cart line and we absolutely had no problem with it as long as they were not using the carts to be pushed into us, we absolutely had no problem with them using the carts for making that line," Roegge said.

The Walmarts in East Peoria and on University and Allen Road in Peoria closed earlier Saturday night as protests continued throughout the country after the death of George Floyd.

A small fire was also set outside of Lowe's at East Peoria -- across the street from the Walmart -- with the East Peoria Fire Department and officers responding, Roegge said.

No injuries were reported in either incident.[0]=68.ARDxzED9m6s_-31Ti1w0AVHAseLebVDmgGnH9O8Y6X6DRwXA2qfam4fwitcPh5hSw77BCeWtJBTOjgcyonVhzskCO2hqNrQ1lj8GRY3Tf9wdjfICZyvVq3NeF9FNOArHXw3AKvfhz0qjtJrTfc7RDAqEdzHe_j4puooFhwuCwfEeRcD1H8IpKwTgXUGj_Xl7BMnDrHtszGA70gB8OyWJXMqKUHmrNWHsu1XJG3m-4KRGlq7Hi-CORdX_A7ubXUvxGpqRBEhYzC5csxcGEEDMW2Fea4yz8-0RDv9YlApqSQGxvLtVcV4jBm_iPG9cJzLFgRDe8bcLE2YKISMUQl991wsmhLM&__tn__=-R

EAST PEORIA (WEEK) -- A large crowd has descended on the Walmart in East Peoria.

Multiple law enforcement agencies could be seen on various live streams from the area.

We have a crew enroute and this story will be updated.

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