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Bloomington Rehabilitation & Healthcare has largest COVID-19 outbreak in McLean County

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BLOOMINGTON (WEEK) - The Bloomington Rehabilitation and Healthcare facility has seen the largest COVID-19 outbreak in McLean County with 48 cases and six deaths. 30 of the cases are residents and 18 are staff.

Facility administration did not have specifics when we asked them about it.

The facility is owned by Petersen Healthcare. Senior Vice President of Operations for the company, Greg Wilson, says all who enter the building are supposed to be screened for COVID-19 symptoms.

"Our guess is, somebody was asymptomatic, and infected somebody else and was moved-in that way and wasn't caught in the symptom screenings," said Wilson.

Wilson added the staff should be in daily contact with McLean County Health Department since the first cases emerged on May 11.

"They consult with us on who they want tested. They monitor the cases that we have that are confirmed, the cases where we have folks that are symptomatic or cases that are resolved, and the folks that are out of the building at the hospitals," said Wilson.

Families have voiced concerns on social media about a lack of notification. Wilson says they should have been notified.

"We do weekly updates of whats happening in the building, how many cases, and whats resolved, and many times, if there's a new case, we notify all those same folks. We have requirements on notifying about new cases or clusters of three residents with symptoms," explained Wilson.

Wilson also addressed how poorly the facility is rated online.

"The star rating system has it's own issues we think. It's not really a true indicator of the quality of care that folks give."

Wilson says they are taking all the guidance they can from the McLean County Health Department to try and prevent any more COVID-19 infections.

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