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Use caution when putting in your contacts

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For some, one of the first things they do when they wake up is grab their contacts.

During this pandemic, how can you make sure that putting in your contacts doesn't put you at high risk.

Ever since this all started, we've heard the same thing from health experts.

To prevent infection, don't touch your face and don't touch your eyes.

Eye doctors have said you can wear your contacts right now if you're healthy and want to.

"Whenever you put contacts in or take them out you are touching your eye, or getting close to your eye. As long as you're symptom free, that's fine. Once you start to experience symptoms, that's when you want to go with glasses," said Dr. Tim Cundiff with Vision Care Center.

Every contact lens user knows the routine, but now is not the time to skip any steps.

" You do not touch the contact lens to put it in or take it out without washing your hands," said Dr. Cundiff.

Dr. Evan Pike at Illinois Eye Center adds hygiene routines shouldn't end with the actual contact.

"Be sure you are abiding by all the normal hygiene rules with solutions, cases, and not over wearing them or extending the wear," said Dr. Pike.

Eye doctors also said everyone should take a break from contacts at some point, so why not take that break during the pandemic.

"We recommend that people start wearing their glasses more often so they don't touch their faces often. It reduces the spread of virus plus glasses do provide a nice little barrier so if you want to touch your eye it does help remind yourself not to," said Pike.

Alex Menke

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