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Nearly $23 million raised for COVID-19 response fund in Illinois

SPRINGFIELD (WEEK) -- A relief fund established to help those in need during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has raised nearly $23 million.

The United Way of Illinois and the Alliance of Illinois Community Foundations established the COVID-19 Response Fund to support local community foundations and nonprofits for the following:

  • Emergency food and basic supplies
  • Interim housing and shelter
  • Primary health care services
  • Utility and financial assistance
  • Supports for children and other vulnerable populations
  • Nonprofit safety and operations assistance

The funds were raised by donations from corporations, foundations and individuals, according to a release by the Response Fund.

The Illinois COVID-19 Response Fund will work in tandem with other response funds set up around the state.

Individuals and families in need of support are encouraged to go to for updates on which organizations are receiving support and may be able to extend assistance.

The full list to date of donating organizations and individuals can be found at

25 News Staff

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