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Peoria Fire Department to add more preemptive traffic signals for better response time

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PEORIA (WEEK) -- The Peoria Fire Department is looking to lower its response times by adding more technology to the northern parts of the city.

Assistant Fire Chief Jim Bachman says one of those technologies is preemption devices, or traffic signals, that notifies drivers an emergency vehicle is coming.

When the flashing signals are in place, it lets drivers know to move to the side of the road so that first responders can move as quickly as possible to their destination.

"Getting those lights changed in advance for us to clear out the traffic, that is actually at the red light, allows us time as we approach to proceed without slowing down so much and it really expedites the process," Bachman said.

There are currently 60 preemptive devices in Peoria, with 32 more to be installed by the summer.

Chloe Calcote

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