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Galesburg Police ‘saddened’ after fatally shooting a dog during a domestic call

Galesburg Police say they are not happy that one of their officers had to shoot a dog three times and ultimately kill it.

Friday, March 6th, officers were called to 583 W South St. after a report that William G. Simmons was there attacking his ex girlfriend and threatening to kill her.

The victim told police she did have an order of protection against Simmons, who'd also damaged property at the home during the altercation.

Police explain when they arrived, they parked a few houses away in order to carefully approach the home, and as they did, a gray and white pitbull came out of the side yard, charging at them.

They believe Simmons dispatched the dog to attack them , in order to buy time to get away. The pitbull eventually got within three feet of police and they stated "Fearing an imminent attack" an officer fired three shots. The dog ran away and later died.

Simmon's, who did escape briefly, was found shortly afterward on Bateman and subsequently arrested.

He's scharged with felony criminal damage, domestic battery, unlawful restraint, and assault. He's currently at Knox County Jail.

Galesburg Police Department have responded to the incident saying " We love our animals, especially dogs. We are saddened by these tragic events. The person responsible for the loss of this dog, is WILLIAM SIMMONS."

Lauren Melendez

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