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Peoria teen’s quick thinking CPR saves brother’s life

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Peoria (WEEK) -- Last month, Daniel Weidner, 13, was researching hoodies to take his parents up on an offer to get a new one. As he swiped around online, he heard a, "weird breathing noise," in the other room.

He went to investigate. He opened the door. He saw his brother, Micah, collapsed over his desk.

Luckily, thanks to training he got with his Boys Brigade church group, Daniel knew what to do. He gave his older brother CPR and called for his dad.

"You basically need to not have emotion," Daniel said. "You need to be able to basically be a robot. Just be calm and do what needs to be done."

His father, Dave, helped him give CPR until medics arrived. Micah, 15, spent nine days in the hospital, part of that time in a medical coma. He was diagnosed with a genetic arrhythmia.

"It's really crazy," Micah said. "Just the thought that I was okay one second and the next second I could have died and by some miracle my brother was there. In most cases that doesn't happen. The fact that it happened to me is honestly just mind blowing."

Micah (L) and Daniel (R) Weidner

Thursday, the Peoria Fire Department hosted the Weidman family to celebrate Daniel's quick thinking and spread the word about the importance of CPR training.

"We were just having a normal day and then just randomly I had a cardiac arrest," Micah said. "Everybody should be prepared for that because my family was prepared and thanks to that I'm alive and standing here today."

Or, as Micah and Daniel's younger brother, Jacob, 9, said, "It's just exciting having a brother who saved another brother."

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