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Man who honors vets with stars and stripes sees flags flying in his honor


LITTLE YORK (WEEK) - In moments of tragedy, a man from a small Warren County community honors fallen heroes by placing hundreds of flags along funeral procession routes.

They call him the Flagman.

The town called Little York is recognizing Larry Eckhardt during his battle with cancer. Wednesday, Eckhardt returned from hospice care so he can spend his final days at home. .

"He figures he's planted 497,000 flags," said Rick Otey.

The Little York Fire Department honored him in a way he did for so many others.

"His love of the veterans. That's what brings all of us together. He sure displayed that all over the country. He's been to Kentucky, Minnesota, out west to Colorado. He's been everywhere doing this for Veterans that have passed away," said Eric Swanson.

"It's quite an honor to take care of him because he was honorable enough to do this for us," Swanson also said

Flags were flying along the street leading to Eckhardt's home, and those whose lives he touched were there to welcome him home one last time.

"...if you needed anything, you could call Larry if he was available and he had the time, he was just always there for you," said Ron Knuth.

"Despite the flags and everybody else that he was helping, even personally, he would go ahead and help you," Knuth said.

His neighbors in Little York are already working together to make sure the tradition Larry the Flagman started continues after he's gone.

Howard Packowitz

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